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Old 07-13-2019, 02:43 PM
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Default I've got an idea, to do, or not to do?

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Alright guys, I'm a tinker junkie, and both of these karts do have work that needs done, a lot of it. The red one is a shaller ss01, and the black one is a manco dingo in REALLY bad shape, I'm not scrapping either project, but I am considering taking all the good stuff off the dingo such as the live axle, disk brake, bigger tires ect, and using it all to make the shaller a little more off-road friendly, then starting fresh with the dingo. I don't have much smooth pavement around, and that's why I cut the "safety ring" off the shaller in the first place. The fab work doesn't bother me, and I do kinda like the idea of making the shaller into a monster some day, am I being reasonable, or committing a karting sin?
Old 07-13-2019, 03:16 PM
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My opinion only, focus on the Dingo! Keep the Manco parts with the Manco. That's what you want. In fact, that's what everyone else wants. Dingoes are in high demand.

The Shaller is a heavy turd. Overbuilt and designed to be abused by amusement park customers and keep going. Keep it as an on-road kart that you can take to abandoned shopping malls and other wide-open paved areas.
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Old 07-14-2019, 01:20 AM
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After looking into what it would be like to acquire another dingo, even as chopped up as my current one, I'm thinking fix everything I can on the frame, and it's bad. Fix all the steering mess that has been created, and hopefully get the honda to live again, and maybe a tasteful and useful upgrade such as a reverse, maybe bump up to Springer spindles up front, and restore what can be, make the rest better.

As for the shaller, it started spitting hot oil on my today after a few hard turns, probably not as hard as intended, but if I end up thrashing the motor on it somehow, it will become a project with a predator, and fab in something that at least gives it traction, and the ability to drive into my driveway, but I'll drive it till I get the dingo all better.
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Agree. Keep the dingo. Tearing that up is something you will come to regret. I miss my dingo very much. It was the first kart I had as a kid. The best Christmas gift I ever had. My brothers and I had a blast in that thing. We transitioned to dirt bikes and atvs and sold the dingo. A regrettable mistake.
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