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Old 11-01-2018, 11:25 PM
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Default Enginetics Master Cylinder Inside

I am trying to bleed the brakes using bleeder kit, but it does not push the fluid inside the master cylinder and brake lines/calipers.

I opened the master cylinder and it looks like there are 2 holes connecting fluid container with master cylinder. In my case one of them seems to closed (I cannot push the paper clip through).

Before I drill it, can sb please confirm both of them should be open?

Thank you.
Old 11-02-2018, 09:42 AM
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I don't think you need to drill anything, but I had lots of trouble bleeding the Energetics master cylinder on on a couple of my race karts too. I discovered an easy solution was to power-bleed from the caliper towards the master cylinder.

I made my own power bleeder for free. I simply got a clean nipple cap from a quart size bottle of gear lube, and screwed it onto my bottle of brake fluid.

Then I start by removing the cap or lid from the master cylender.

Then I remove either one of the calipers bleeder screws, and hold the bottle sideways with the nipple-cap tightly pushed into the calipers bleeder hole, and simply squeeze the bottle to force brake fluid through the caliper and lines until clean-clear brake fluid overflows out of the top of the master cylender without any bubbles.

Then I quickly reinstall and tighten that bleeder back into the caliper, and replete this same exact process again through the calipers other bleeder hole.

Then I finish up by doing a conventional bleeding job, just to make absolutely sure there's no air remaining in the caliper.

Be sure to clean around your calipers bleeders before removing them, so you wont be forcing any dirt into the system. You'll also want to place drain pans under the caliper and master cylender, because It's kinda messy power bleeding like this; but this method worked for me!

Your probably supposed to be using Dot-5 brake fluid, although lots of folks save money and get by using Dot-4.

Those nipple caps from gear lube quarts always seem to have slightly different threads than quart bottles of brake fluid, so I learned to tighten a hose clamp around the cap to make sure it doesn't pop off while I'm squeezing the bottle...
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Also make sure the master is a foot or so above the caliper and try bleeding it. If you have a mcp caliper it has adjustments on it also with a Allen head usually. Make sure they are backed out to keep the pads farther away while bleeding. It helps.
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