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Default Predator 212 on ATV Belt Clutch TC Questions

Good Morning. Santa brought my six year old son an Eton 90 ATV with a 212 Predator mounted up to the existing transfer case.

The original motor has the transfer case attached to it. The builder cut the old motor base away from the transfer case and put a 30 series clutch on the 6.5 Predator. The transfer case is a 5 1/2” driven clutch with a jackshaft to sprocket/chain. The sprocket on the rear axle is near centerline of the ATV.

Here is a video of a build that is very similar to what I have:


Here are some photos:

1- Inductive Tachometer is on order to assist with clutch tuning.

2- Where can I find a belt calculator that will take into account the 5 1/2” driven clutch? I think the belt I have is adequate, but I want to be 100% certain. My engine mounting plate doesn’t have adjustment slots yet- that’s my second task. Using the adjustment, I hope to maximize performance/efficiency of belt/drive/driven clutch.
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