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Old 04-16-2019, 08:32 AM
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Default Predator issues

Well sad to say I BROKE IT. They yerfdog was hesitating very badly yesterday and we have many ideas of what might be wrong (probably gonna be a long thread) so we where warming it up and it kept dying and refused to stay running. got it to run and go around block it died 3 times. The engine was shaking way more than normal and when taking off shakes almost hard enough to snap the bolts holding it down. When it does that it it starts to die and boggs hard. And we found the spark plug was blackened and cleaned it and it has fresh tank of gas. Also once we cleaned the plug it idled better but it still acted the same and started to drive its self i had my foot off the throttle and while letting it drive itself home it randomly revved up before pulling up. Its a brand new predator it has like 5 hours on it barely broke in on its second oil change
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