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Old 10-17-2019, 10:24 AM
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Default TC - Kart Jerking

Hi All,

I've read several threads on here relating to kart jerking, and now I'm one and still don't really understand what I should be looking for . Picked up a Black Widow several weeks ago. I installed new Predator 212 w/ Stage 1 Kit and removed governor.

The drive/driven are in very good shape and almost look brand new, so I'm not sure what to think or how to solve this. It only jerks when you start to take off. Once past a few mph no more jerking and it runs great.

Notes - Drive/Driven spacing is exactly 7". I did not install a new belt, it is the same one I bought the kart with. Looks in pretty good shape and its oriented correctly. Pulleys look pretty much in line. Maybe 1 more washer and it will be perfectly aligned (I would guess it's within 1/8" of alignment......maybe that is the issue?), although there were no washers for spacing on it before.....but it had the LCT engine so maybe washers weren't needed. The belt is a "Pix-Asymmetra ASW 5959". Judging from the link, it looks like this is the correct one.


I wish I could remember if BEFORE I put the Stage 1 kit on if it was jerking. I don't think it was....but I could be wrong. Not sure if that could affect?

Any insight would help. Does anything look out of the ordinary here? Hoping to get this solved before this weekend. Its the last issue I'm trying to wrap up .
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Old 10-17-2019, 10:48 AM
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Is everything secured so nothing is loose and rattling?
Try adding that washer and report back.
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Old 10-17-2019, 12:43 PM
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Pull the outside part of the driver off, but leave the stationary sheave and bushing on. Pull the belt forward. There should be about an 1/8 inch of space between the belt and the bushing. Any more (over maybe 1/16") and the belt needs to be replaced. Another way is to measure the width of the belt, it should be 3/4" wide, 5/8ths is about the limit. Also, too much slack in the chain can cause this, so check that there isn't any excess play. On second thought, that belt looks like it's riding a bit low on the driven, so it may need to be replaced. So measure it, and post the results.
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Old 10-17-2019, 03:28 PM
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Mine did it when the belt was too long, and not the correct belt to begin with. Once I got it to go, it hauled booty, but the belt went soon after, shredded it bad too.
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Old 10-17-2019, 08:39 PM
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I had another belt laying around from another project. It came off a Manco with the same TC setup, so I gave it a shot and it definitely solved the issue!! Much better. No more jerking during takeoff! I also bought another washer to get the pulleys more aligned just to make sure. Although that belt didn’t look bad, it had to have been stretched out I guess?

One annoying thing, I had to remove the metal cover plate that the TC plastic cover attaches to. The washers were causing so much noise rattling/rubbing against it, that seemed to be the only solution. I’d like to put the TC cover back on, but not sure how to keep those washers from rubbing on it. I could take a pic if needed...........I also tried placing the washers in front of the plate, and behind it. Same result. It's almost like the washers are pressed too hard against it and cause friction on the crank, as well as rubbing.

Is there some higher temp rubber O-ring I could put between it and the metal cover plate?
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