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Old 10-20-2019, 02:29 PM
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I decided I could do without the through hole Gland, through the mirror mount... It would be cleaner... but I cant really find anything right now...Ill wait I guess...

In the mean time... I found an easier rout, that is, through the fender gap of the door...
No holes to drill... It seals by the door gasket, and routs inside nicely...
Im still working out the side vents in the defrost, but the top works like it should. So for now Ill leave out the vent deflectors and leave it as is...
I Soldered the connections( give a lower profile for shrink) and then shrinked individually and over the joint as a whole....I then found some long length shrink tube, and sleeved/Shrinked it over the joint to seal the outside, and along the length leaving a few inches for the power-in connections. I didnt have much for any other sleeving material... so that will do for now... Should be water resistant for a good while...
Powered up and it worked... Looks good too.... Have to wait for a darker time and Ill test in the darker road or wait till I go to work in the morning.... Either way.. Im happier...
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