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Old 03-26-2007, 01:06 AM
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Default New cart, wheels?

I recieved an old Carter Bros go cart frame and a unknown hp (guessing a 5) Briggs and Stratton Engine for free. I have recently dissassebled and painted my engine, the block is red and the covers are white. Put it back together and its still running great. I plan on putting a straight pipe and a custom intake with a cone filter.

The only flaw on my cart is that the wheels are pretty small. The back tires are the size of a handtrucks wheels, and the front i would say the rim is 4 inches. So ive decided i want to put bigger wheels on the go cart. I have 4 lawnmower front tires and i want to use them as the new wheels. I got the fronts all worked out, i know what i am gonna do for them. My issue is the backs. The lawnmower tires have a hub built into them and the originals were 2 pieces and the hub with sprocket bolts it together. How would i attach the sprocket to the rim of the lawn mower tire? The built in hub is centered in the rim and around it slopes up, so i dont know how i could mount anything to it.

Wow that was a book, sorry haha. If anyone wants to see any pictures, let me know and ill go out tomorrow and grab a couple.

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