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Old 09-28-2018, 05:38 AM
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Default Yx140 Mikuni Carb help.

So I built a Super Mario Go Kart.
It has a semi-automatic "Piranha" Yx140cc engine that came with a generic "Mikuni" (fake) 22mm or 24mm carb.
I dont really have driving issues, but I'm not sure how to raise or lower the idle, it will idle ok with the choke slightly on, but as soon as you close it the engine dies.
Below are some photos of the engine/carb, I know there is a screw on the side and a screw on the bottom. For it to run decent (it has been awhile so forgive my memory), I believe I turned the bottom screw the entire was in and than out 1.5-2 turns~ and possible adjusted the clip height.
Also the plug looks great and it runs great when driving, but the exhaust is crazy hot, not glowing but it instantly burned the "chrome" off the Briggs muffler on the first run. I am unfamiliar with these pit bike engines and am not sure if that how hot the exhaust runs or not.
Also now I'm looking for how to adjust the idle.
Any info is appreciated, thanks!
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