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Old 03-25-2020, 07:09 AM
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Default F-150 Project (ish)

Well, I finally got it last Friday. It did cost me $90 for the towing, but the truck itself was free. And here it is.
Now, the truck has somewhere north of around 800k on it, and it was used for hauling shrimp, and driven through a few floods. So I'm not putting much into the truck itself. What I really wanted it for was this.
1978 Windsor 351 out of a Mercury Cougar, with around 200-250k on it. It's stock, so it should be making around 150hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.

My uncle said that somethings either wrong with the fuel line, or the fuel pump. Well the line is good, but the battery was fried (and 5 years 2 months old), so I'm replacing that first, since the engine might not have been cranking right. So I've been looking at other things on the truck. It does have either a rear main seal or an oil pan gasket leak, but I already knew that. The trans is an AOD, so I probably won't keep that. But I was looking on the axle and found this.
That's an original ford axle tag, which is pretty rare. And it says thet it is a true 9 inch (some had 8" ring gears in the same housing), and that it's got a 3.25:1 ratio. I'm definitely keeping the axle, driveshaft and the engine.

So far I'm thinking of swapping the axle and engine into a Fox body mustang. A 351w will swap right into one (except for hood clearance issues). And you can get more power out of a 351 easier than a 302, and 351 blocks are stronger.
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