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Old 07-23-2008, 05:51 PM
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Default Green server laptop (solar powered)

Well with the carputer thread, i figure i'd share my latest computer adventure. Basically i run a server that i remote desktop connect to from work (my job takes me to different locations by the month or even week) and i use the server for media/storage, email, and other stuff.

I've been running a 1ghz HP E-PC for about a year, its small and nearly silent, and used 32watts in "idle" and abour 38watts with HD going full speed. Compared to an average full tower PC, which runs around 130 to 250 watts (regardless of what the power supply is rated at) it wasnt much but it was still around $18 a month in electricity (running 24/7)for something i didnt desperately need. That said, the money didnt annoy me as much as the thought of adding to the smog from the coal and oil power plants used here in Los Angeles to make the power.

Solar is clean, and while not the most efficient by cost, it's the most reliable here in california, and at $150 per 45 watt solar panel kit at harbor freight (got 2) i couldnt resist. basically with the current price of electricity they pay themselves off in a year.

so my current set up it up and running well. i'm using an old laptop i had (compaq armada m700) which with the screen off runs at an amazing 9 watts! with HD it goes to 13 watts.

2 x 45w solar panels -> car battery -> voltage regulator @ 12v -> laptop with car 12v adapter

i also got a WD My Book external 500gb drive which uses a 12v input and not a 5v and 12v like most drives. i'll be hooking that in shortly to solar also. the laptop has an X10 firecracker serial controller which lets me turn on and off devices from the laptop, from anywhere in the world. its also a printer server.

pics soon [this weekend]
Old 07-23-2008, 09:32 PM
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Hmmmmm interesting!
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