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Old 08-23-2019, 01:52 PM
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Default Building my first go kart/Question about transmission

Hi all,
I've recently picked up a free push mower engine from someone in the neighborhood. It works well, and I'm hoping to build a small go kart with it. I personally do not have any engine experience, but think it would be cool to learn through this.

Anyways, I know that I need to order a RAGB since it's a verticle shaft engine. Now I'm wondering about transmission. It's a push mower that isn't self propelled, so how would transmission work? Are there any transmission kits out there?

If you have any tips, that would be wonderful! I'm extremely new to the whole engine thing, so any tips would be great!

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Hello and welcome...
For the most part there is no ready to use/bolt on gas and go, shift-able on the fly, cheap transmission...
You can get a dirtbike or a motorcycle engine and mount that to your project....

However... there has been a few people who have converted an otherwise dead motorcycle/dirtbike engine to run on its internal transmission, via an industrial engine...
This is an extensive operation and will take some knowhow on the internal mechanics of the engine/trans in question. Usually need to cut the case apart away from the cylinder and block off the case, machine adapters to allow an outside input power source ect....

Lastly probably the expensive option.. if money is no object....Get a big twin Harley or any other separated transmission and clutch..... itll have as many gears as you can find....
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I used to fantasize about a go kart made from a lawn mower engine, but there is some harsh reality:
1- The cost of a brand new RAGB will be as much or more as a brand new 6.5 HP Predator engine.
2- Then you have to raise the engine to accommodate the gearbox.
3- You also have to mount the gearbox, and make a crankshaft coupling.
4- Then you finally have to reconfigure the throttle.
As for a transmission, for vertical shaft engines, the only real option is a big, heavy, low performance, can't shift on the fly lawn mower transaxle.
For horizontal shaft engines, there are almost no options for shiftable transmissions.
And trust me, one speed is plenty because with different gearing setups and engine upgrades, some karts can go 70+ mph!
And even 25 mph is enough to get real sketchy in a go kart(at least, mine).
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