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Old 03-20-2020, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
no a series 30 will NOT work (not well that is)
you will go through belts like crazy (25 a pop.. sooo not a cheap idea)

a series 40 is much more suitable for your engine.


Didn't think about that. But if the throttle isn't floored every time and its eased into, wouldn't it be okay for the most part. The kart would only be used once or twice a week and its in a residential neighbourhood so i would be able floor it even if i wanted to. The 40s are almost 3 or 4 times the price, so unless i can find a clone for under 150 it'll get too expensive. If they can last me a few months i'd be okay with that; how long do you think they can last?

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Originally Posted by mckutzy View Post
Id say get the engine/tc and the proper fitting seat desired first, then look at where things are going to fit.. Off hand..Its looking that the engine isnt goint to fit well if not at all...
Big blocks are big and wide....
hey, im planning on re-fabricating some parts so ill keep that in mind. thanks
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Old 03-22-2020, 11:55 PM
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Do not get the 30 series TC. That advert might say that they are rated up to 18HP, but that is untrue. Even the genuine comet TC's are only rated up to 8HP. After that you start going through belts at a rapid pace.....and they aren't cheap. So please.....scratch that idea

A 40 is what you are going to want to get
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