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Old 01-20-2020, 10:29 PM
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Default Gas&oil in drain pan HELP

I just go a Hammerhead GTS Used. It did not start so I changed the carburetor. Before that I took off the airbox and it had gas/oil in it.
I started the engine and gas/oil would shoot out of the hose going to my airbox.. Decided to drain the oil and it was full of Gas/oil.

What should I flush the oil? Do you think that's why it was shooting oil&gas out.
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Old 01-21-2020, 12:41 AM
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Hi and welcome.

hard to tell for sure..
I mean it could be that the engine was just overfilled and it pushed out oil as hard as it could
without selfdestruction;
maybe the carb was shot so badly that it filled the cylinder and the starting attempt pushed
it into the crank case (it can find it's way through the piston rings)
in that case, draining the old oil, refilling it to proper levels
is all you need to do really.
half a teaspoon of oil poured into the cylinder through the spark plug hole
just to have the wall properly lubricated might not be too bad of an idea as well.

before I'd start the engine up again,
I would check the compression tbh just to be on the safe side.
but without a compression tester and the correct values for your engine,
that might proof to be difficult to get a reliable result.

So a quick check (kill switch engaged so the engine cannot fire up)
see if the engine happily pops of your thumb that's covering the spark plug hole,
then reinstall spark plug and see if it's still shooting liquids through the airbox.

if it does, I'm afraid there's nothing to do but to pop it open and see what went wrong.

if it does not disengage the kill switch and allow her to idle (IDLE ONLY!)
and listen carefully.. any odd sound coming from the engine
anything that makes you uncomfortable (a few puffs of smoke out the exhaust aside)
should be considered a reason to pop the engine open and check more thoroughly.

then if the engine passed that, clean the airfilter (is a foam filter, right?)
let it soak in fresh engine oil and squeeze it out properly then reinstall.
and you should be good to go.
Maybe also give the spark plug a good clean.

After an hour of driving or two I'd check the oil again
just to be sure there's no fuel in it and it's looking okay.

if it's not okay.. healing bench, if it is you should be good.

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Old 01-21-2020, 08:27 AM
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Like itsid said, we can't really tell without more information. Check the compression before you do anything. If you squirt oil in the cylinder and the compression jumps then, you need new rings.

Many things could have happened. The engine could have flooded with gas and then sat, it could have been upside down or at an odd angle for a while, there's many possible scenarios!

Best of luck troubleshooting it!
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Old 01-21-2020, 01:34 PM
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One other thing to check while you're at it would be the vent hose coming out of the valve cover (if you have a GY6 engine, which you probably have.) There's a slim chance it may be clogged or partially clogged not letting the engine crankcase pressure vent. That will push whatever is in the crankcase into the air filter box.
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itsid (01-21-2020)
Old 01-21-2020, 09:52 PM
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^^ good point!
it might also have been kinked or wedged shut somehow
I even saw people closing it up with a bolt since they go annoyed by it sweating and even spilling oil when the engine was overfilled or ran hard enough in rough terrain..
the breather tube sits at the rear end of the transfer case on top of the engine..

here's a parts list diagram for your engine and kart:

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