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Old 07-15-2012, 09:28 PM
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Default Backyard mechanic wtb street legal trike

So I pm'd a member here who has impressed me with his builds at such a young age (r97 who I assume is 15) and he suggested I introduce myself and ask for the advice of all members.

I am planning on building a street legal trike.
I know most of you are probably thinking I'm but I'm not.

Some time tomorrow I hope to order the homemade vehicle application packet from the NY DMV(has to be done over the phone or through snail mail) to add to my research. I've looked at several builds and am essentially building 3 vehicles in one. A go kart frame with front suspension at a car sized scale with a legit motorcycle rear.

I've been studying the equipment laws on motorcycles since before I got my car license. Now I own one of each.

A 3-wheeler is technically classified as a motorcycle so I have to follow the regulations that apply to all motor-vehicles and those which apply to specifically motorcycles.

I will try to keep it simple until I get it approved and then add some items

Essentially what I want to do is build a scorpion at a larger scale (sort of like a can-am spyder with a car seat and steering wheel) and put a roll cage on it. I am however going to hold off on the roll cage until it is given a VIN number. The simpler you keep it the less things these people can hold on to inorder to reject you.

I know there's a lot of red tape but I'm one of those people who like to challenge the system.

If anyone can give me their opinions of spidercarts' plans and maybe if anyone has or knows someone who has built an xzilarator (http://www.xzilarator.com/) if the plans are worth $104(if I can't do it in NY at least I'll have a reason to visit my family in PA)

I'm willing to spend money on research in order to avoid wasting it on something that doesn't serve the purpose I want.

I know basic car and motorcycle mechanics and have a friend who is studying to become a mechanic at Lincoln tech so most of the modifications and adaptations that would need to be made we can figure out.

Also does anyone think that doing a saddle handlebar setup first and then converting to seat and steering wheel would be easier?

Opinions, Comments, Questions encouraged. Thanks for the help I know I'll get from you guys.
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I am not that familiar with spider karts except for the arachnid I am building and based on those plans they are not up to road standards but if you have a friend or yourself who knows structure very well and can suggest where you need extra support and other you sound like you are serious and it sounds like a load of fun your plan also sounds "sound"
good luck!!!

PS. welcome to the forum
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