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Old 07-14-2019, 08:56 AM
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Default How to test 1 phase stator with multimeter?

From engine there are 5 wires.

orange -> CDI
blue -> CDI
green -> ground
yellow -> rectifier/regulator unit
white -> rectifier/regulator unit

So, I will be testing yellow and white wire.

Will I disconnect them or keep them connected? Serial and meassure amperage? Or paralel and voltage? Generally, how to go about it? I want to see what is that stator producing, if anything at all.
Old 07-14-2019, 11:07 AM
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So you're saying you have two wires going into your rectifier?
And you are asking how to measure..

Switch to AC Voltage on your Multimeter (100V or less) and
tap yellow and white.. you should see a significant higher voltage than 12 (say 56V or such)

Since the output Amperage is load dependent,
you really can't see much ... especially you'll never see it's limits until it blows

Most multimeters can handle up to 10Amps just fine for a very brief period of time.
So feel free to check

disconnect one (yellow OR white)
and bridge with your testleads
(no longer than 3 seconds!! you might blow your multimeter otherwise)

Check the user manual for your engine it usually states what alternator coil is installed
and what's it's output power is
18, 30 and 58 Watts are fairly common sizes in small engines
some motorcyclestyle alternators upwards of 300CC engines can deliver 70 Watts
beyond that there's only very few exceptions delivering more

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You see, two wires and I look like an idiot for asking how to measure it. But then you followed by tons of great info, which is exactly what I needed!!
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