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Old 04-02-2020, 09:35 PM
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Well.. yes!
indeed on the upper end of cool

And while you likely cannot cast as thinwalled as you can vacu-form or 3Dprint;
not without a severe risk of defects..I doubt the weight will be too noteworthy..
and the look of a cast aluminium engine (fake) will certainly be reason enough to add the maybe two lbs of dead weight.


PS 3d printers are cheap these days a decent one is less than 200 bucks nowadays,
and you can make nice intricate parts for lost castings.. IMHO you are the perfect candidate to get one and make the best use of it.. especially if you can cast at home..
Shoot.. now I want a furnace..
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Old 04-06-2020, 07:50 AM
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Got the right side head done, definetly has the look of homemade which I kinda like. They were only one sided pours (easier). I didn’t have the pressure without having a two part mold (no risors/gates) to give more downward pressure, but that’s ok.
Looks odd where the exhaust would normally exit, may need to have a dead ended 90* pipe there(gotta think about it)
Still have to finish the amp/volt meter- I figure I’ll get these fake engine pieces on first. This is the stock engine I’m using for a pattern.
With all the parts it’ll be under 10lbs so not concerned.
Anyway thanks for looking,
Oh the blue/orange you see is clay(to make the fins more shallow) orange is petrobond casting sand just stuck to the clay, in case anyone’s wondering.
Think I may cast the other side so it’ll have a real spark plug cast in it, well drill/tap a hole for one.
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