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Old 08-10-2019, 03:20 PM
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Default Vintage Margay Race kart

I need some help!!

I drove my Margay lynx race kart for the first time last night after 7 months of restoration. Itís got a Yamaha KT100 and after using predators for years this thing was a rocketship once the power came in at 7000rpm. Couldnít be happier!

Everything went well except I was getting nervous about the oil leaving the wet clutch.

I replaced the oil gasket so I donít think itís coming from there. I tipped the kart on its side to fill up the clutch with oil prior to driving the first time(a little hex cap on the shiny billet side cover). I think the oil is coming from around the starter nut in the center(???)

Is it possible that I OVERFILLED the clutch with oil, or is there no such thing as too much oil? Iím starting to think you only need to fill it up a little bit with oil, because as the clutch slips from 0-20mph, every piece/ disk will pass through the oil sitting at the bottom of the clutch. And as you get going, centripetal force will hold the oil to the walls or the clutch, plus the clutch wonít slip once engaged (obviously )

Am I correct in my thinking? Or am I missing some kind of seal, o-ring, etc?

New to these 2 strokes and their wet clutches, so tell me what ya know. Thanks!
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