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Default Loctite 660 and 680 retaining compounds

Hello all! Just thought I'd share a couple useful products I use regularly at work.

Loctite 680 retaining compounds is like thread locker for cylindrical parts. Basically it keeps slip fit parts locked in place. If you have stubborn sprocket hubs or whatever that do not want to stay put, some 680 will solve your problems. It is considered "permanent", but can be removed by heating to ~450F for a few minutes. Heat gun or propane torch works great. MUCH better option if you are ever tempted to weld to your axle.

The 660 is a thicker retaining compound for looser fitting parts. Works really good in worn keyways to keep the key stock from hammering back and forth and making the problem worse. Good way to save an axle that's on its way out, or an engine crankshaft with a clapped out keyway. Also great to keep your key stock from walking its way out from under a hub.

Just figured I'd share. They are excellent products.

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Also the loctite 290 (green color) is a medium strength thread locker (like the blue, can be removed with regular tools) that is designed to be applied AFTER parts are assembled. It's very thin and will wick into the threads, then lock up. Really good for bolts that hold adjustable parts like slotted engine mounts and jackshaft pillow blocks. You can fiddle around with the bolts till you get your alignment and chain tension just right, THEN apply the thread locker without risking things moving around on you.
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