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Old 02-18-2020, 08:56 AM
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Yeah, the ford modular engines are junk. It is the only engine I know of that nobody will rebuild at a reasonable price. My grandfather had a '99 grand marquis that had a modular, and that engine had a head gasket blow out.

Funny story, the last car my grandfather bought before his current car was his 1978 Indy 500 Pace car Edition Corvette. That car gave him a fit. The engine blew up once, the dealer rebuilt it. Then it blew up again and the dealer replaced it. The third time it blew up it really blew up, and the dealer told him to go out in the lot and pick out any car out there that wasn't a corvette. And that's how he got his 1985 Camaro Z28, which he put at least 250k on. Then one day he took it to the mechanic for some carb work, and on the way home he stopped for gas. Well, the car was blowing flames out of the a/c, while at the gas pump. The carburetor was ruled as the cause, and the car was a wright off. So the shop he took it to gave him the 99 Grand Marquis, which someone brought in for trans work, but couldn't pay the bill. Then 3 years ago, he traded the vic in on a 1988 corvette that he ended up paying $6,000 for. They were asking 12k, but we found an online ad for 9k for the same car. So he managed to talk them down another 3k with the trade, and got them to buy down the interest rate. The '88 currently has 72k miles on it.
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Old 02-18-2020, 12:27 PM
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I enjoy the Mod engines, but I do wish they were reliable. Every 4.6L had a faulty intake manifold that would leak at some point or another. Only time we had issues with a 2 valve 5.4 spitting plugs, was when my dad had some replaced and the tech didn't get the number 8 all the way in and it backed out. Never had issues with the 2 piece plugs on my dad's current 3 valve 5.4.

They are great when they work, but when the break, you start to question the engineering department and ask why they would ever okay that. We have a "updated" 4.0 SOHC in our 2010 Mountaineer, bit of a dog, but gets the job done. Gas mileage is similar to the 4.6L, even though it has 3.55 LS rear end and our 4.6L had 3.73 LS, go figure. Get 18/19mpg in the winter doing 75mph on I-80. Bet if I dropped it to 65 and it was 70 outside, I could probably see 20/21 highway.
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