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Default Electric e zip 750 mod

Going to start building a scooter battery from scratch using lithium ion cells putting them into packs of 5s 4p .why to replace the dreaded yet historic lead acid battery .lithium ion weighs a fraction of what a sla battery weighs .longer lasting and less weight more recharge cycles then sla .Th bad part is there very temperamental they tend to explode or catch fire .Power source for this electric scooter will be 40 18650 size batteries that I have recycled and tested with a IMAX b6 (smart hobby charger) .they will need to be all soldered together that's 80 total connections .I should be able to get 20-25 ah with these batteries .All the batteries in this will be recycled from old bad laptop batteries that everyone tends to throw away .Going Green pictures coming soon

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After this I have to figure out what to do with 600 4/3a 4500mah NiMH cells that are 1.2v .To low of a voltage compared to the 3.7v lithium ion .
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