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Old 12-19-2019, 06:32 AM
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Ok, I'll avoid the pre '05s. And I was planning on getting the Police Interceptor, they are cheaper looking, and are cheaper priced around here. There is a 2011 Police Interceptor on CL for $1700, with like 160,000 miles on it. The oil cooler is good, I have no clue if you can use a trans cooler on a C6 (I'll have to look into that), and I'm not quite sure what a power steering cooler is useful for (please enlighten me). Also I like the idea of having a full frame more than having a unibody. Plus no one expects the vics to be fast (the highest output was 250hp). Though the original trans would get junked (the vics had an EAOD which is missing 3rd off the shift pattern instead of second.)

And I've heard an alternator whose bearings were shot, it had kind of a rattling crunching/grinding sound (it was on my grandpas 88 'Vette). The new one whistles, he gets lots of questions now and no ricers want to race him anymore (everyone think it's a turbo).
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