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Old 09-04-2014, 03:47 PM
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Default 100% disabled vet newbie!

I am 30 and am already 100% disabled from my service in the Army as an infantryman. I have never raced karts or even done very much work to small engines other than repairing my mowers etc. I feel I have the know how and ability to pick up on things pretty quickly. I mean I did have a career where nothing ever happened the way it was planned and always had to improvise! My son and I have been searching for a hobby for us to dive into together and after about 2 years of searching and trying different things we have finally decided this is what we want to do. I do, however need as much advice as possible. Since I am disabled I am on a fixed income and would like to build 2 karts to race sprint. The problem is, I have no idea where to begin. I know everyone says if you plan on investing more than a year into this hobby then buy new. Well I am the guy that would rather go used so as my son and I learn how to troubleshoot and build the kart we wont have to worry about knowing how to fix things when they will inevitably go wrong! Also doing so teaches us all of the ins and outs of the motors and settings. I have a gx160 5.5hp clone but it is missing a few things. Are there any full overhaul kits that would boost this engine to its top performance? Also what kind of speeds could we get from this engine? If you are still with me then thanks for taking the time to read my post and cant wait to hear back from someone!! Also are there any books anyone would recommend that would teach everything from beginning to end??
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I know this is off topic but i thought it deserved to be said
Thank you for your service if you do not mind what was your Mos code i was going to become 11Bravo infantry man
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Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
The engine you have,most likely, can be modified to 9+ hp for less than $100..... There are mods you can do free, or just buy a "kit"..... My Honda gx160 is really around 9hp. It cost me $7..... I had to buy a high flow air filter, everything else, I made or modified....
I'm not too sure what sprint racing is so ill leave that for anderkart.....

EDIT. Please fill in your location. It makes it easier, if and when you start asking for parts.....
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BOOKS???? BOOKS????? We don't need no stinkin badges.....err....books....

And you don't either. ....everything you need to know is right here. ....you can search it up....if you don't find it. ...just ask!!!!!

Welcome to the forum and please fill out your profile so we know where you are from. .......

Thank you for your service to your country. .....kinda hoping it's the same one I live in. .....
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when I read Vet I instantly think "oh you like pets then..."
But that kind of vet... okay... welcome anyways

So.. looking for advice,
I think you should contact Kelly Woods as soon as he returns,
cause he's a bit involved into karting and what's more important into helping others getting into karting (gathering and prepping used karts, legal engines and stuff)
He's from Utah but I think he should have an idea where or whom you can turn to in your area as well.
great guy...!

For as long as he's away (he currently is unfortunately);
you could take a look around what karting clubs races are in your vicinity;
then go there (bring your son) talk to the guys there.. you'll be amazed;
Most are nice guys.. and are willing to help with advice and sometimes even give you a hand when it's needed.

We'll be here as well to provide any help we can, but most of us will always stay digital for obvious reason,
so it's a good thing to get to know others in person at a race,
to provide you with the information you'll need.
most know or even have a rule compliant used kart in your area..

Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.
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Welcome to the forum!!
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Originally Posted by BirdFanatic View Post
I know this is off topic but i thought it deserved to be said
Thank you for your service if you do not mind what was your Mos code i was going to become 11Bravo infantry man
Well, first, it's an intro thread so, nothing i off topic; second, that sentence is acceptable in any applicable (to the OP) thread

My GX160 also puts out around 9hp... for around the same money as FMJs
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Man... All I have to say is thank you for your service. I have so much respect for you already...
Think about how much more we could get done if 95% of our time in the garage wasn't looking for that tool......
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