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Default A little bit about me.

Hey there DIY go karts, a few of you might have seen me around, my name is Zach and I come from Chicago my hometown for 13 years and I just moved about 8 weeks ago to Arizona. I built my first go kart with my brother and neighbor, I was only 8. It was constructed of a old plastic wagon and some wood, I had a mx 500 electric dirt bike that was about shot only good part was the engine, so we took that out an used the back wheel coming out from under the wagon. We used a car battery to run it and we didn't have any steering other then the steering a normal wagon has. We got 2 12 volt battery's and traded them for the car battery, well we hit a curb and I learned water and battery's dont mix. Black smoke was coming from the battery's and well... We lost that kart to a fire. When i was 12 me and my dad built a go kart that I still drive, halfway threw building that I got a tractor for free and started driving that around but got back to the go kart.and I had a pw 80 dirtbike but I sold it and am going to upgrade, oh did I tell you my birthdays on halloween? Yeah so I can get evil.
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Welcome to DIY and Arizona
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You're introducing yourself 52 posts into things? Okay- better late than never! Welcome!
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Welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by toystory_4wd View Post
You're introducing yourself 52 posts into things? Okay- better late than never! Welcome!
I still haven't written an introductory thread,
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