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Old 03-26-2020, 08:25 AM
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Hi All. Im in Miami, FL and Im looking for a father son project for me and my 3 year old. He is a car guy like his dad and he likes to build things like his dad (Engineer). He loves to race, I purchased two power wheels not having enough time to build anything and he was bored with them within weeks. I ended up modifying one by upgrading the battery to my 20V 3Ah Dewalt power tool battery and I had to install a Voltage regulator as the thing does wheelies at full voltage. Its regulated to about 5mph so he can drive while I jog(two birds w/ one stone). After about a week my 3 year old can hold his own in the power wheel and has great spatial awareness and is now obeying road signs and knows to stop at all intersections. Anywho, Im stuck home during the Pandemic and now want to build him an electric kart. Im looking for either a cheap 2nd hand kart to modify or build one from scratch. I have a 120V Hobart MIG welder and Ive played around with it but its been over a year since Ive welded anything. But, are there any free Kart plans around here I can look at while I hunt for a cheap used one? What would the cost for metal stock be on a 2 seater road only cart? He likes to offroad in his Jeep Power Wheel but I dont think I have time or skill to build a full suspension Kart yet.
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