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Old 10-15-2019, 10:27 AM
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Default Some idiot needs help!!

Sooo, I was on Ebay, in the "Go Kart Parts" section just for the heckuvit. And I found THIS(my brain hurts):

From the axle and flange to the steering components and bearings, it's important to choose the right parts for repairing or building your go-kart. To ensure you make the right choices, it's ideal to know the different part options out there so that you can make an informed decision. Luckily, with the wide selection of go-kart parts available to choose from, you can choose parts based on what is most important to you, the exact application of the kart, and the type of go-kart you have. Finding the go kart parts you need has never been easier.

What are the different types of go-kart brakes?

Although the disc type is the most common braking mechanism that you will find on a go-kart, there are other types that you can choose from based on budget, desired performance, and the speed the go-kart will be going. The four options of brakes within go kart parts are:

Band brake
Drum brake
Scrub brake
Disc brake

What are the drive axle options?

When building a go-kart or repairing one, it is good to know the different axle types so you can pick the one that moves the way you want. The axle options are:

Live axle: The wheels are mounted to the axle, which means everything spins together.
Differential: This is the type of axle that is on your kart. Yeah right!! This guy must be big spender or know nothing about karts!!
Dead: The axle is fixed, but the wheels spin.

What are the different clutch options?

There are two options. However, you can add an optional comet torque converter to improve the power and speed of the engine, especially if you will be racing or just want some extra speed. The two options are:

Heavy-duty, also known as a chain clutch

What are the sprocket options?

Larger clutch sprockets make a kart go faster(*In stupid voice* Duh, I just decided to put bicycle gears and chain on it to make it go faster, and now it won't go anywhere! HELP!! *End stupid voice*), so it's important to easily obtain exactly what you need to achieve the result that you want. This is especially true since these simple parts have an impact on how the kart performs. There are two types to choose from:

Tire sprocket
A welded-on axle sprocket *snicker* Some bozo evidently thinks welding is the best way to hold a sprocket on.

What do you need for optimal wheel performance?

Of course, you don't have a complete go-kart without the wheels. The parts you choose will help determine behavior on the pavement. Proper wheels are also important to safety, as they should perform well in your preferred riding conditions. The following are the different components available for optimal wheel performance:

Street tires or go-kart tires
Single flange hub
Bearings, pro bearings add speed Say what??? Since when do higher quality bearings add speed? A bad bearing can only reduce speed or damage things.
No doubt written by someone in China who had to Gewgle Translate every word.

This guy needs to join us!
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