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Old 01-02-2020, 02:14 PM
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Default Restore or Not

I recently picked up this mini bike/chopper and I cannot find any information as to what brand, type, kind it is and wanted to know if anyone has seen something like this that could give me some advice as to whether or not I should restore it??????
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Old 01-02-2020, 05:22 PM
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Off hand, it looks like one of those cheap Chinese pocket bikes...
A 30-49cc somthing, 2 stroke engine...
Usually gutless noisy little engines...
Can be freshened up a bit and when they are done right... Im told they can go really fast... but overall they are limited....

Restore if you want... but its not really worth it...
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Old 01-02-2020, 05:48 PM
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Chop and stretch the frame, toss a predator on and do a mini chopper? That does look like a "pocket rocket" frame missing the plastics. I've seen folks have a hard time getting much more than $100 for them even if nice and running.
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