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Old 03-16-2020, 09:29 PM
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Default Hello from Tennessee

Hey hows it going. My name's Brendan, and I love about an hour west of Nashville. I've got a Murray Kilowatt that I bartered with a guy for last summer. He had quite a few carts and mini bikes, so I built him a hydraulic scissor lift to work on them.

I love the kart, it's exactly what I wanted to use as a base for a mini buggy. I'm 6'2, and although I fit, I'm gonna lengthen the front about 6". I'm looking for a sport quad with a blown engine, I want to salvage the front frame section with double a arms, disc brakes, and steering components. I also want to get the rear hydraulic brake caliper off. My idea is to find a trophy kart body to put on, and build the roll cage to fit. I want to be able to ride regardless of the weather, and how cool do trophy karts look.

I've nicknamed this thing the Death Flea, and it has attempted murder on me once. The throttle cable is a bit long, and I was leaving a buddies house at dusk. I didnt notice that somehow it had wrapped itself around the throttle arm, and was holding it at about 40% throttle. So when I pulled the cord, it instantly fired up and took off. I grabbed the back of the frame, and got drug right across a 2 lane highway while frantically trying to hit the kill switch. I was finally able to smack the kill switch about 15' from a grove of trees that lead to a small lake.

That was the last time I rode it, as the chain kept popping off. Was a combination of bent axle and loose chain. I bought a new axle and chain, figured I would slap it together in a couple hours and be on the road again. Here we are mid spring Being a mechanic and metal worker, I severely underestimated my opponent. That axle fought me from the first second, all the way to the bitter end. The axle Nuts are the only things on the entire axle that didnt fight tooth and nail. I figured a few good snacks from a sledge and block of wood, would pop the wheels right off. Boy was I wrong, one of those wheels is gonna return to dust with 12" of axle in it, they have become one. So neither wheel would budge, no big deal, I'll just drop the whole axle. It's not just gonna drop out, I end up having to cut it out. I cut all my components off in separate axle pieces to allow me access to remove them. I was able to get the sprocket free, and one wheel. I used an air hammer to get the key stock out, and a little penetrating oil worked on them. The brake disc would not budge, no matter how big the hammer, how much penetrating oil, or heat I threw at it. After months on and off tinkering with it when I had time, I gave up. I ordered new bearings, axle nuts, a new wheel, and a new rotor. Hopefully by the weekend I will finally have it driving around again.

The kart has a predator 212, with an aftermarket air filter, and the carb was rejetted with a larger jet. It runs great, pretty fast little kart with my 220lbs in it. I just fabricated an exhaust for it yesterday. I wanted something less restrictive, and easier on the ears. The factory exhaust was a little to sharp for my liking. It turned out pretty good, definitely quieter than the factory exhaust. It has been raining today, but hopefully tomorrow I can get a support welded up, and get everything cleaned up and painted. Here is a video of the exhaust. https://youtu.be/7pjUEHb89E8 Looking forward to all the information available. I'm a v8 guy, not too familiar with small engines.
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Welcome to the forum Brendan!!!

Isn't it amazing how hard a kart can fight back!!

Post some pics for us to see this thing
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Old 03-17-2020, 06:43 AM
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My name is Sylvester McMonkey McBean. I will make a decontamination.
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Old 03-17-2020, 07:35 AM
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Welcome. I got dragged by one of my karts, and it tore my feet up so bad that I missed 6 weeks of work. If one ever takes off again, I’m just going to let it go. It’s not worth it.
You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning
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Old 03-17-2020, 11:36 AM
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Go Vols! Yeah luckily I had my crocs on, they slide real nice on damp blacktop. Although it did take about a month of tread off in 15 seconds I got the throttle cable secured as soon as I got home Here is a pic of it when I first got it.

Where she sits now

Anyone have any info on these "shocks"? The rear shocks are angled forward at a pretty steep angle. I'm thinking of cutting the mounting tabs, and moving the top of the shock towards the rear. Even with my 220 lbs jumping on the back, I'm getting almost no travel in the suspension. The front shocks are the real problem. Do they have a tendency to seize up? They offer absolutely zero range of motion for the front a arms. The only shock absorption I'm getting is sidewall flex in the tires. There is aftermarket hardware on the front shocks, so it's possible they have been replaced by some off a different kart. Any safety concerns with taking them off? I'm worried that I'm getting no motion because they are too big, and are fully compressed.
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