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Default Need help with graphene supercapacitor Go-Kart

Now I will be finally making the capacitors using the modified Hummer Offeman's method to make the graphite and use the lightscribe method to make the graphene. The separator will be polyvinyl alcohol with phosphoric acid as the electrolyte and then the capacitors will be disk shaped and be placed in a disk container with about 10 of them in series. The disk containers will then be in series together. I got all my info and procedures on how to make it from Robert Murray-Smith youtube channel. Now for the actual power it will be just the capacitors and no batteries. That way I could make a proof of concept kart and hopefully just slap the engine and other components onto a racing kart frame. So one big thing i am concerned about is that for a power controller I am going to use a PWM controller that can handle the voltage and current....Now would that work??? I also wanted to know how capacitors (like batteries) can be put in parallel. would it just be + to + and then - to - and that would all be in line with everything else and I ahve completely forgot what putting it into parallel did and did series JUST add more voltage. The last question would be how many Kw and voltage motor would be fun [like 25MPH with proper gearing] assuming i will be over volting it by about 12V.http://www.diygokarts.com/vb/images/smilies/auto.gif
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