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Old 07-06-2008, 12:59 AM
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Default gokart rant

I've been having the worst of luck...

I've wanted to get my gokart on the road for 5 weeks now, and each time I try to get it together something sets me back!

At first I discovered a big crack in the frame so I repainted / welder. Now I removed the hubs and a few other things off the axle. Later on when I went to install the hubs one of the hubs cracked clean in half.

I've now discovered is partially due to a bulge on the tip of my axle, I managed to destroy a bearing also.

But it gets worse.. I start tapping the brake rotor off (at this point i'm fed up at deaing with a grimey axle that nothing slides on), when the center hub of the rotor starts opening up with a big crack. Great!

Next on the bad luck agenda, my 5hp briggs as mysterislly developed an oil leak that has been getting worse by the day! There goes 10 dollars worth of amsoil.

Now you may just say order parts, but living in Canada parts take a few weeks to arrive. So I order hubs and brakes (which I need)

2 weeks later (now) I discover my bolt pattern on my wheels are super old school. I can't locate any ones like mine so new rims and hubs will come to 200ish dollars.

At this point I've told myself I just want to get it going as fast as possible so why not do it with a no-oil-to-leak kt100. Oh, wait! Not a #35 chain like my sprocket.

Which brings me to now!

I've ordered a some stuff from bmi karts that I *need* plus parts to get the kt100 going:

lots of fuel line, lots of brake line, bearings for axle, brake rotor hub, #219 sprocket 75t, inline fuel filter!

Still need hubs.. good news. I've located someone who might sell me 2 rear slicks with hubs for 1" axle!

So there's been my weeks and weeks long struggle, including painting it and unexpected rain coming with no shelter.

Oh, and I can't figure out for the life of me how to secure the bumper.

I just hope I can get the kart going by the END OF THE SUMMER

not really a point of this post just wondering if anyone else has had endless kart problems.
Old 07-06-2008, 08:42 AM
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I had something similar happen with what you said about the bulge on the axle. What you can do is gently file the top of the bulge to bring it down more to level with the rest of the rod. Sand it smooth afterwards and check to make sure that nothing fits on it forcefully. Things should just slide on and off the axle.

For the leak on the Briggs, maybe theres a small hole in the side cover gasket?
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Old 07-06-2008, 10:56 AM
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Yeah, most common and pretty much only place to leak. Unless you left a drain plug loose the last oil change.

You don't even need to order a gasket. Just get some gasket sealant, and apply a fair amount.

Heh, plenty of bad luck :p
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