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Old 05-15-2019, 04:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Kartorbust View Post

I guess its Track EVA Track T800 CDI Diesel. Similar naming, guess that's where I got mixed up.
Ah.. but you've read this part...
....EVA Products Ltd in the Netherlands began developing a diesel-powered motorcycle using the 800cc three-cylinder turbo motor from the Mercedes-built Smart Fortwo city car...
from the link you provided

It's still the same engine

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Old 05-15-2019, 08:44 AM
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Thats pretty cool, I totally forgot about these little guys... and Turbo aswell...... 180lbs im assuming dry weight.... If they've shoehorned it into a motorcycle with little aparent effort....
I could see this as a contender for a few other projects like these.....

Doing some offhanded looking around, see a few engines for cheap here in Canada...
One guy wanted $1200 free shipping... from the other side of the country...
I didnt look into to much..but Im pretty sure I could find something like that local for the same thereabouts...
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Old Today, 09:28 AM
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Just thought I'd jumpstart this thread(pun intended), but what do y'all think of the coming mid engined Corvette C8?
To me it looks like Chevy is upping the ante on Ferrari, but at the same time, I'm wondering just how much American V8 they can squish behind the seat.
Must be a repair nightmare for the mechanics.
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Old Today, 12:04 PM
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If the C8 will be anything like the Hellcat, Demon, and Viper, it'll only be worked on by Master Technicians. It sounds as though it's being delayed even further from production. It'll probably have a low to mid 6 figure price tag starting out ($125k to $165k and go north of there).
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