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Old 02-09-2007, 06:11 PM
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Default New user saying hi + making a kart

Hello, just introducing myself and my project. My name is cole, and I'm from lincoln, nebraska. I've been sourcing parts and working on a go-kart for a while now. There isn't really anything to show yet, but when I get my camera back I'll get pictures of the spindles i'm making, the engine (which was a freebie from my father in law ) and frame.

For some of the other new people who read the board and have questions, I have some of the answers to common stuff.

Parts pricing:

Engine: 5hp tecumpseh (sp?) -- was free, but would be the most expensive single component

Clutch: around $30

Tubing for the frame: I got a bunch from my local metal supplier (www.rmp.com) out of their remnants area for $20, i've spent about another $30 on various pieces for the project too, such as the driveshaft, steering shaft, and stuff to build the spindles and pedals. I may buy the pedals but that depends on what I come up with

Your best bet is to check the yellow pages and find a local metal supplier, I know rivers has been very nice to me and has no problem with me buying small pieces and such. You will probably pay a fee for them cutting if you can't transport a large piece.

A little piece of advice: Reasearch, research, research. Draw a simple plan of what you expect it to look like. Make a list of all the parts you will need and check them off when you get your hands on em. I will try and list off the top of my head what I had to get:

Braking system, Clutch (centrifugal or torque converter) Drive axel (if you are using a live axel) Bearings for the axel (I am using pillow block bearings), drive sprocket, chain, wheels, tires, engine, tubing or whatever metal you are going to use for the frame, spindles for the front wheels, a seat, pedals for the brake and gas, steering wheel, steering shaft, throttle cable and brake cable, various bolts for mounting the engine, bearings, and i'm sure i've forgotten some stuff.

Anyway, this is a very fun project and can be very rewarding if you don't rush it. On the flipside, you can get frustrated if you don't plan at least a little bit and take your time. Remember, these are for FUN!

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hi it lookes like u got a good plan and welcom to the fourm

wahts with the link it went to "Welcome to Robert Mann Packaging, serving your fresh-cut flower,
produce and seafood packaging needs since 1971."

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