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Old 03-01-2010, 04:08 PM
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Default Briggs 5 Hp Funpower Problem

I have a 136212 Briggs & Stratton Fun Power 5 hp motor on my go kart that i am having problems with. It idles fine and will run fine on jack stands where i have the back raised of the ground and engine is tilted, but if i put it on the ground and push the gas down it almost instantly dies. Just had carb cleaned at a local shop and new spark plug, mixture is rich right now since the plug turned black pretty fast but i have tried almost every position of that screw and so far no luck. i am wondering if i am losing vacuum somewhere since when the engine is tilted to where the gas would flow towards the intake and then when its on flat ground it will die when accelerated. maybe the shop did a bad job of cleaning it? bad compression? anyone know the right compression it is supposed to have?

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