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Old 02-26-2019, 10:58 PM
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Default 150cc scooter into mini bike

Last summer I made a mini bike out of a 150cc scooter.
It was an ugly scooter, lots of chrome, giant handle bars, huge mirrors.
So I removed everything that didn't have to be there, made a fuel tank
out of PVC, removed all the wiring it didnt need and slapped a big air
filter and a riding mower muffler on it. I regret selling it.

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Old 02-28-2019, 10:25 AM
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Technically it's still a scooter, but I understand changing the name to Mini Bike, cause you know what they say about Scooters or Mopeds...They're like fat chicks, fun to ride until your friends find out

I did something similar to yours. I bought a 1986 Honda Elite 80 basket case for $60. I've had very good luck with any Honda engine I come across, so I figured if I can't get it to run, I'll part it out and double or triple my money back.

A new battery, carb cleaning and wire nest sorting out, and the darn thing ran fine. It was already missing all the shells, so I just left it like that, did some cosmetic work and added used seat and made a custom exhaust.

I don't care what other people think, this thing puts a smile on my face when I ride it, very comfortable ride too, I guess its the sitting position.

I still want to add a headlight and better foot pegs.

Click image for larger version

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Whatcha says no good.?
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to me a mini bike is just any small/low bike that is purely for fun.
Obviously mine is no longer road legal.

A scooter built to resemble a mini bike is a cheap way to go. And the CVT is better than a standard cen-clutch. Plus, with the right pipe they stop sounding like a scooter.
And as with other small engine powered stuff, people often give up on them when the repairs are simple. Usually needs a carb, sometimes a cdi or ignition coil. Maybe a battery, fuel lines or petcock. If it only needs one or 2 of those things then $50 in parts and a couple of hours gets them running. That's why I ended up bolting a 50cc scooter to a go kart frame...was cheaper than buying an engine/clutch/chain for the kart. Power/speed is pretty close to a basic kart engine to thanks to the CVT.

Even more fun is if you find a 2 stroke scooter. I have a 50cc eurostrada that does 43mph and doesn't even have a tuned pipe (yet) and I fixed up a mid 80's yamaha jog 50cc 2 stroke that did almost 40 and could pop wheelies.
The eurostrada I am giving a more motorcycle look. Still have to add all the lights and foot pegs. This one will be street legal.
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