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Old 01-17-2014, 09:25 PM
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Default New Guy from California

HI GUYS! im the new guy on the block..... So here is my storry, First off im a California guy so keep in mind I have extra smog stuff, no mixture screws... So I am buying old mini bike called a "baja" i believe for $80. I have a go-kart as well that needs your help! I bought 3 HF 212's cuz they were $98!!!! So I needed 3! So the good folks at OMB sent me a Billit flywheel, rod,Exaust, air cleaner, 18 LB springs, 4* offset key, 36 and 37 jet E tube, and that racing spark plug.... I had an old gx 160 so i did the head swap aswell.... So I have been riding my go-kart for 10 hours all stock - governor..... I through all the upgrades on today expecting to hop on a rocket! She started FIRST PULL!! sat there and purred My drive way is about a 3-5% grade that never posed a problem for my girl when stock....However I gave her the juice and she got louder but did not give much effort to climb the hill..... Im 165 lbs and never had a problem before at all I pushed her up the hill to the flat where she very slowely exelarated to 20 mph then rocketed to 35! Hmmmmmmmm So I changed back to original E tube and jet, That made it worse!! I alternated through 3 E tubes and jets with little change

I changed carbs with my 212 still in box.....No change!

I did grind the 4* key more till it was about 90% gone and the flywheel said 8* advanced...... so now its probably 10* via the key and 8* via the flywheel making it 18* am I missing anything?? Runs great! 0 torqu I mean 0 torqu.... Thanks guys! Oh ya lots of beers!

My coil gap is .004 same as valves...
Old 01-17-2014, 11:33 PM
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Probably too much advance..... thats what happens,you lose torque..... IIRC
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