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Old 09-15-2017, 05:37 AM
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Default My Gixxer Kart: Ignition help

Hey guys, I'm a new member here so I guess this can serve as an introduction as well. So hello all! I live OC Cali and have no experience building go karts other than what I have learned over the past month breathing life into my current project.

Here's what I have...

Complete custom build from the ground up. Originally was going to put 2 Predator 660cc motors on the kart. After considering that was going to cost me about $1,400 just for the motors I figured why not go with a street bike motor and get 5 times the HP for less money. So I scoured Craigslist for all of 2 days and came up on a totaled Suzuki GSXR 750. Guy hit a stone mailbox after his throttle stuck cracking the frame. Guy said the motor was fine but couldn't start it bc in the accident his key broke off inside the ignition so I rollled the dice and picked it up for $700.

Turns out the motor is just fine and no issues. Yet. So I got some steel square tube and went to work. Knowing this thing is gonna haul *** I opted for 1 1/2" x .188 square tubing which i know ifs overkill but if I'm going to anywhere near 100 mph in this thing I'd rather opt for over engineered than dead.

Here's some pics of my kart.

So I got the motor running strong, frame welded together, all wiring done but I'm stuck at the ignition. This is the stock ignition...

And these are the wires coming off of it.

I've looked high and low online and I can't find anything that can clue me in to what each wire does and how to assimilate them into a new ignition. Right now the stock ignition is temp mounted to one of the frame rails.

Soooo, I'm hopefully there may be another Gixxer Kart owner on here that can help me out.

Glad to me a member here and appreciate any help you all can kend and hope to help you all in the future as well.

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