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Default Automotive Wiring Diagrams

So somehow I blew out a spark plug on my 2011 Ford Fusion 3.0. When the plug went, it broke the tab on the ignition coil and took the coil with it. When the coil went, it broke the wires from the harness with the connector still attached to the coil. The wires broke right at the connector and I couldn't tell which wire from the harness went to which pin on the connector.

So I ordered a piggy back connector and a new coil, but couldn't figure out which wires to solder together. It should have been easy to figure out, but all of the connectors have a Purple-ish wire going to pin 2. Cylinder 6, which is the one that blew the plug, has two purple wires (the same shade). One of the wires is solid purple. One is Purple with a Brown stripe. With the wires being dirty (and having very little of them exposed), I couldn't see if the other cylinders had a brown stripe on the purple wires going to pin 2.

There is very little of the wire color exposed on cylinders 4 and 5 and the wires are very dirty. All I really had to do was cut back some of the outer insulation on 4 or 5 to reveal a portion of clean wire. Then look and see if the wire on pin 2 was Solid Purple or Purple with a Brown stripe.

Instead of doing that, I started trying to find the wiring diagram. A guy from a Ford Fusion Forum showed me this little gem.

BBB Industries

Free wiring diagrams.

And then I found out that Purple is Violet. And Pin 2 on each is the solid Violet wire. Anyway, I just wanted to share this resource for a whole bunch of free wiring diagrams.

The diagram i needed was in the Engine category. Subcategory: Fuel Control Systems
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I thought you were needing wiring diagrams and was all geared up to screenshot some from ALLDATA for you
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that might come in handy some time.. thanks Bob

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