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Old 08-14-2019, 10:27 AM
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Thanks, many more good points

So, I guess the question should have been:
...in your opinion, which method would be best, for us here on the forum, to use?
(with the tools/instruments we have available)

Just use whole numbers (like 53V)
...rounded down (from 53.4V)

Is the VPR (volts per revolution) data even important or helpful to us? (in our situation)
...I just kinda threw it in

Is this "unloaded" data that I've gathered of any use to us?
...I understand that we would need "loaded" data for doing any type of speed calculations.

* Yes, I (& maybe others) would be very interested in a "data logger"
...if you have time, a detailed thread on concept, materials, construction & use would be very much appreciated.

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