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Old 01-25-2020, 06:56 PM
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Default New member, new build

Hi guys, new member here with a new project and a new one for me. Ive never owned a go kart nor worked on one before but here I am 25 years later with my first one!

I found a yerf dog go kart online with the original engine on it but no compression. Me, not knowing anything about go karts, thought it was a great deal for $150. Freshly painted baby blue rolling chassis with most parts there, all Im needing is a few new parts and a working engine.
I go pick it up and immediately start doing research; it looks nothing like a yerf dog. Turns out its a hammerhead mudhead and I immediately thought I stole this **** thing lol

A week later, I found THE engine. A Kawasaki 600cc engine for $75, ran when pulled. Went and picked it up and here I am with a beast of a unfinished product.

I am currently in the middle of making everything fit correctly with the new engine. I know Im gonna have to do more modifications like maybe move the live axle more to the rear to handle the weight distribution better, add a jackshaft or another axle of some sort to power the live axle, probably more stiffer springs, bigger wheels and maybe heavier duty bearings? If anyone has any recommendations let me know please.

Again, this is my first project and Im having a blast with it, so dont be a Nancy and actually give me some good insight or some positivity.

Thanks guys!
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