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Originally Posted by Panhead5496 View Post
I've been looking at that for awhile, but seems to be more child sized? Hard to tell...
From my point of view that's a $60 investment in $200 (what I could flip it for, after tidying it up). Or more realistically, $250-$300+/-.

That's a 10" steering wheel for visual reference and that frame looks like your run-of-the-mill Carter Brothers (best guess) kart. I'm going to have to take you to task for the "child sized" comment. Gotta slap you in the face a few times to make sure you're fully conscious. ...

You see, either they made go karts for kids (5, 6, 7, 8 years old?) or they made them small on purpose, you know, to be fun and nimble, zippy and fast, agile even.

There are some larger "adult sized" karts out there, the Dingo 390 for instance, but by and large they are small-framed and you scrunch yourself/contort yourself a bit to fit them. That's part of the fun as well and the entertaining juxtaposition of a grown adult sitting in a *mini car* is the charm.

Small size is an advantage, especially for the racing karts. If you make 'em large so a whiny adult can stretch their legs out, you end up with a large, heavy and more importantly slow kart on your hands.

If karts are intended for children, someone forgot to tell Steve!
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