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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
I can't say for Sidney, but it's all in good fun.

This, from your own search, I would have no issue plunking down $60 for. Heck, let's do an even fifty:

Not exactly a "frame" as the seller calls it. It looks complete and Briggs are just too dadgum easy to fix.

Better go buy it, Panhead!
I've been looking at that for awhile, but seems to be more child sized? Hard to tell

Originally Posted by itsid View Post
Well.. as with almost everything else that doesn't fit in a shoe box...
location location location
Frankly I have no clue what type of location greenville is for karts..
so yeah.

And yes, that pricetag is a bit out of what I'd pay myself.. but that can be talked down
into the realms of what it's actually worth
(unlike the one from post #1 which is far enough off that one wouldn't even bother to try )

with karts (plural) worth looking at and talking to the current owner about around
and a statement like

forgive me when the worst kart at the highest price is not the ideal link to post,
if you
except if you're
in which case the first quote is a bit misleading

either way... look harder and/or longer
(basically the spam mail of all searches for karts )

(I'm actually in Athens, Greenville is aways away )

Anyway, I meant that when searching for a good deal, I come across stuff like the $625 thing, so this was more of a "let's laugh at this guy" post

But, with that said, I might try to talk down the guy with the "226cc" engine. Always wanted a road cart