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Originally Posted by itsid View Post

IDK, it's not difficult to find something decent IMHO..

That does not qualify as decent for me to be honest

It looks like the tires are on the way out, the gas tank looks like a hackjob, and the seat is a board with a cushion behind it

For over $300 it has to be better than that, this is a better looking deal to me

Still not ideal

Maybe I was spoiled getting what I did at a great price, going by what else is out there

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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
Now THAT'S what I call service. You have Germans, in Germany finding you better go kart deals.

226 cc!

Maybe Panhead isn't looking for great deals. I think he's just doing a Craigslist Hall of Shame here.

But, that is a nice kart. Almost, if not, a Manco American Express. "Racing wheel" too, probably the newest thing on it.

In the first pic on the ad, it looks like he greased the tires (the treads!) with Armor All and did a beauty shot on his living room floor. Classy.
I mean I am always on the look out for a deal, but I guess we all have different ideas of what a deal is

And no offense to Sid, but I do know how to do a search lol I look a few times a week

Also, I don't want this to turn into an argument, so I hope my above posting doesn't offend anyone
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