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I think you may need to limit the throttle, not reduce gearing. You already have a pretty short gear ratio. What's the RPM of a OHH Tek, maybe 5K? With your gearing and a 15" tire at 5K RPM, you're only doin' 33 MPH. Limit the RPM to 1500, that'll get ya a solid 10 MPH. Then as your kid grows/gets more experience, you can increase RPM/speed. Plus you won't have nearly the fabrication of a jackshaft.

Besides, you think it takes off quick now, wait til you reduce the gear ratio 2 to 1. You could quite possibly pull the front wheels off the ground.

PS-If the kart is "dancing" around at higher speeds, check your alignment. Neutral or toe-out alignment can sometimes cause that. See pic.