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"My teacher asked me to do some environmentally friendly stuff..."
".. so I will burn as many fossil fuels as I can"

IDK, but I see an issue with what you were asked to do and what you are planning to do!

Sure.. vroom vrooom, who doesn't like that?
but it's just not what you were asked for, is it?

Sooo let's see... arduino, huh?
cool.. how about a fuel saving indicator ..
you could work on engine data (partly vroom )
read the necessary values off the various sensors from a car,
then calculate the least amount of fuel needed to move the known car at the current road and condition (inclination, air temp and density and such)
and display the offset to the current fuel consumption to the driver
either with a simple LED array or more fancy with an alphanumeric display.

So the driver can adjust his driving style to maybe save a bit of fuel

Or if machining is more to your liking, how about a grinder for failed prints
you can machine the wheels and hopper,
you could even arduino control the thing in many stages
like auto stop the grinder as soon as the hopper is empty [motor load sensing]
or you add a step and add a heater that forms nice uniform pellets to reuse,
to feed into a filament extruder that takes such pellets.
Or for your classmate's injection molding machine to use as source material ..

You could als extrude new filament directly (needs a serious control mechanism which is especially tricky if your pellets aren't uniform) for the 3d printer.

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