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Yeah, I agree. (all those mounted tires stacked up on the far right of the pic are my 6" oval kart spares and not for sale)

I'd origanaly bought all these used MG Sprint/Shifter kart tires cause I've got like a half dozen buddies that were supposed to get their karts going and they'd all said they wanted a couple sets each. That was like 6 months ago and so far, none of them is even halfway close to having their karts running yet. Now serveral of them have lost their jobs so I dont think they're going to be needing any of these tires anytime soon...

I ran a set of these used MG tires on my old kart when I was just riding around on parking lots and stuff (they lasted a long time) but now I'm racing oval tracks and we all run 6" diamiter rim size tires.