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I have no idea how to post photos but when I operate the throttle, I turn the throttle directly with my finger. I am using no linkage. The governor is disconnected externally but I did not take the crankcase open to remove the governor parts. It ran well this way this winter when I was reconditioning this kart. We went to Florida and when I came back I got it ready to put on the ground and drive it. This is when it started acting up. It sat for 70 to 80 days in between.

It is possible that whatever caused the "first new carb" to act up got transferred into the "second new carb". I am thinking that some gum collected in the tank and caused the tank nozzle filter to gum up and some of that got into the "first new carb". Then when I put the second new carb on I had not cleaned the filter, not flushed out the fuel line or replaced every drop of fuel in the tank with fresh fuel. It could be the same thing happened to the second new carb immediately. Both carbs act the same way but the latest one runs a bit better. I ordered a new nozzle/filter for the tank. I will clean and flush it really well and then clean out the new carb very well. It almost has to be a fuel problem that is causing blockage somewhere.

I bought the "second new carb" because I lost the tiny spring on the float needle valve when I cleaned the "first new carb". And here may be the tip I am looking for; when I bought this kart/engine, it would not start and had been sitting for 8-9 months. I tried to clean the original carb but it was very gummed up. So for $12 I bought the first new one. I did not clean the tank, filter etc but just added new fuel into a small amount of fuel that was already in the tank.

I did not do my duty in taking every bit of the fuel system apart and clean every bit of it. But for a while, I ran the engine with the "first new carb" and it ran well. I did not run it more than 30 minutes total before it sat 70-80 days.

With the help of you all, I may have learned a valuable lesson on these little engines/carbs. I have a car with dual Weber racing carbs and they are extremely sensitive to any minute particle of lint, dust or dirt. I have three filters on that car to help keep it running well. I took this little engine/carb for granted and maybe that is my problem.

Thanks so much for helping me think this thing through. I will keep this post going and maybe it will help someone in the future to take clean fuel more seriously in a small engine.
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