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I cut out the filter segment of the tank nozzle. The flow was good but the engine problems stayed the same. Pretty frustrating. I believe I am dealing with multiple problems and one resolution does not help.

I can start the engine with the choke closed (on) but the throttle must be at least partly open. It starts very easily. It runs after I open up the choke (off) as long as I keep the throttle just above idle but not to 3/4 throttle. It seems to accelerate and run fairly well unless I take it up to the higher rpm's. After about 1 minute of running well, it just loses rpm and dies. I can close the choke and hold the throttle about 25% open and it will start and run all over again. Then in a minute it just stalls out and dies.

It really acts like it pulls the float bowl level down and then starves itself. In a few seconds it fills up and it will start and run at low to mid range rpm's for a minute and stalls out all over again.

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The engine is on a kart with the motor tilted forward a bit. When I got the engine and kart I put a new carb on it as the old one was somewhat gummed up. It ran fine with a new carburetor on it this winter. Then a week ago it acted as described. I put a new carburetor on it again and it still acts the same.