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If it runs better with the choke on (is what I am taking you mean by closed, as in the butterfly valve closed) then it is running lean, by chocking it you in effect provided a richer fuel mixture. As far as I am aware of at this point it could be a fuel delivery issue or maybe a vacuum leak. I am sure other people will jump in here that have seen this before but to me if it runs under load fine with the choke on (valve closed) then its running too lean.


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This is a long shot but figured I would put it out there... make sure that the choke on/off is in the correct position. With a predator if the choke lever is pulled toward the rear of the engine (away from the fuel tank) the choke is on or in the start position, if the lever is toward the gas tank side or front of the engine the choke is in the run position or the choke is off.

Again a long shot but seems like the choke is doing the opposite of what its supposed to be.

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