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Let me try and answer this one by one.

Originally Posted by Laura View Post
So Daniel; you have a red arrow on the above photo. What is that? I took it out and expected to find a hole in the brass tube that is inserted in the plastic piece you show with red arrow. There is not a pass through hole in that brass tube. I tried running a torch tip cleaner through it and it bottoms out.
Correct, not a pass through hole. What happens is when the screw comes all the way out (which is the idle screw, phillips head) you have to pop that plastic piece out that is below the bottom of the screw. I normally use a small flat head screw driver and pop it out. Pop it out and spray carb cleaner all though that jet and the pathways in the carb.

Originally Posted by Laura View Post
??? (the main jet is the piece the screws out. Normally just a small bang on it gets it out, or you can carefully push it form the inside to get it out.)

Please explain this. I take it the main jet is not the emulsion tube from what you say here. The jet that screws out can not be banged out....right?
The main jet is the brass looking thing on the right side of the picture attached, the emulsion tube is the one on the left. What happens is the main jet you unscrew using a flat screwdriver (the fits correctly, cannot be too big) and then the emulsion tube is held in by the main jet. Once the main jet is removed that tube should just pop out with little effort. The emulsion tube is visible if you look though the main body if the carb (second picture) and you can tap it down to get it to release.

Originally Posted by Laura View Post
It appeared to me that the jet near the base of the carb that screws out and has a spring around it is the idle jet. Or am I thinking too much like an auto carb.
I believe that is the float bowl pin you are thinking of? Only thing I know of that has a spring. The idle jet is not inside the bowl of the carb but under the idle screw adjustment.

Originally Posted by Laura View Post
When I asked about the number of turns, I was asking about the jet at the base of the carb. That jet I was thinking as the idle jet.

With the throttle closed, that jet at the base of the carb (with spring) will have to feed fuel into the stream of air. Or I am thinking of my training in Weber racing carbs.
The jet at the base of the carb needs to be just tight not too tight. Number of turns do not matter here as it just needs to sit there and the size of the hole in the middle regulates the flow.

The "jet" with the sprint (float bowl) is for fuel supply I believe, the bowl goes up when the bowl gets full and the pin cuts off the fuel supply. If you bowl is full when you take it off this is probably not the issue.

Hope that answers it, I am by no means an expert in this field just have had to clean my share of carbs .

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