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No you cannot bypass it.
the reasons are as JT explained, but since he started with "Yes you can"
I must correct this to "NO you CANNOT!"
Since it WILl desintegrade eventually and will cause mayhem..
with a ton of luck your engine stucks and cannot be restarted at one point,
if you're unlucky something wedges itself to the camshaft gear at high rpms and the con rod breaks
And some crank case parts come flying your way.
The chance of NOTHING bad happening is ZERO, therefor you cannot not without a serious risk of at least destroying the engine worse getting hurt really badly in the process of destruction.

The governor is not 'just' a rev limiter..
it's it's main function indeed, but it does in fact govern (not just limit) the rpm..

With a governor you set rpm and the governor sets the butterfly position to keep that rpm a constant as good as it can
say adding a bag of plaster to a cement mixer increasing the load...
it's an industrial engine mind you
or running through a patch of tall grass on your lawn with your mower

And resets the butterfly back when the load is being removed
(tall grass is cut, cement mixer emptied out etc)
you don't want it to rev up in such cases.. so it set's the butterfly back to govern the rotational speed.

And yes it also LIMITS the max rpm, just to keep the engine from free revving in fact
(unbalanced mower blades at 5k rpm cannot be stopped by modern pressed steel covers I bet )

On a kart /mini bike you always have your hand or foot at the throttle
and can adjust yourself to keep the rpm constant (like you would in your car or on your motorbike)
So you don't need the 'cruise control' feature here as much
(especially since you can't use it as such to let go of the throttle anyways)

And the ONLY safe way to get rid of that (and it's limiting function) is to REMOVE it.

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