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It's an ad up for sale locally. They're asking a lot of money for it. They don't appear to know what it is based on the description. Pictures are bad. I can't seem to get the couple of others I have to upload. The jackshaft looks really old.

My hesitation to contact them right now is because I tend to buy weird things a lot. I have a few too many weird things right now and they seem to sell for a whole lot less than I paid for them when the time comes for them to

I'm trying to figure out if it's just something really cool or perhaps worth the investment before I try to set a value. I don't mind buying it just because, but that would be for a fraction of the asking price.

You're right about the steering. Nothing appears attached. Again, I ran into steering issues with a reverse trike I bought that was made out of a pony cart. So cool and stupid, but I couldn't get it to turn worth a darn. Maybe simple tie rods, maybe something that needs real fabrication.

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